The Outer Limits (Season 4, Episode 23) The Origin of Species (1998) starring William deVry, Silvio Pollio, Kirby Morrow

The Outer Limits: The Origin of Species (1998)  starring  William deVry, Silvio Pollio, Kirby Morrow

SyFy bondage from The Outer Limits.  Three men are taken into space…perfect specimens.  Some nice futuristic bondage.
(Season 4, Episode 23)

Video Link to Episode on Hulu, Scene starts at 29:48.

The first two images are from the prequel episode, Double Helix, (Season 3, Episode 12) where the specimens are forced to strip to be inspected.   A very young Ryan Reynolds is one of the stars, though he does not get stripped or bound.

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